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Rayvolt - Ringo Smart+ EBike - orange

Rayvolt - Ringo Smart+ EBike - orange

2.555,00 €Prijs

Rayvolt Ringo - The Street Cowboy

Off-Road yet Urban. Compact but generous. Vintage yet modern.

Ringo is a stylish post-apocalyptic looking compact bike, made for the city and the road with an all terrain versatility. This practical two-seater bike has a head-spinner look, that will let you be the eye-catcher of the road, while riding with someone on the back. This bike combines a great look, a comfortable position, and the features of all the latest Rayvolt smart technology.

Ringo has an intelligent regenerative brake system.

The electronic braking system, fitted into the brake levers, sends a data signal to the motor controller that provokes a reverse effect in the motor. This converts torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries.


In simple words, the regenerative braking acts like an ultra powerful dynamo when the levers are pulled.


The Eiva2.0® is a Rayvolt's developed software to control, customize and monitor your Rayvolt bike.

An Eiva® computer can be purchased and secured mounted to the handlebars, ready to go whenever you are. The software can also be downloaded for use on an existing Android or iPhone.

Productcode: RingoOR12.5A
  • Technische gegevens:


    250 Watt Smart Hub 50 Nm


    36V, 12.5 Ah, removable


    approx. 50 km / 31 miles per load (depending on incline, temperature and rider weight)

    Charging time:

    approx. 3 hours


    up to max 25 km/h (15,53 mph)

    Speed Contol:

    PAS (Pedal Assist System)

    E-Drive System:

    Rayvolt EIVA® Drive

    Walk assist:





     according to the legal german requirements


    ~ 29 kg / ~ 64 lbs


    L 1687 x H 980 x B 700 mm / L 66,42 x H 38,58 x  B 27,56 inch


    A6061 Aluminium


    45 mm Double Crown


    Shimano 7 gear


    Oil Disk Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A - 50A


    Double wall 20" x 80 mm


    20 x 4 1/4

    Bike maximum load:

     ~ 130 kg / ~ 270 lbs

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