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More and more people are taking to two wheels, whether for their commutes, for competition or simply for enjoyment. But there is far more to the world of bicycles and bicycle snobs than meets the eye. Which type of bike, for instance would one ride in the velodrome? Which will marry vintage charm with modern performance? And which will carry you across a country comfortably? Obsessions: Bicycles provides an authoritative directory of the different styles of bicycle, the components that make them work, and the world of accessories and clothing that will adorn you. A chapter on riding geometry is included so that you may fit your bike to your body and not the other way round, and a generous list of some of the mainstays in modern bicycle manufacturing will point you in the right direction for a new machine.

Productcode: 9781784880620
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    uitgeverij: Hardie Grant
    David Perry and John MacLeary
    HB, 170 x 104 mm, 144 p
    E edition
    Publication date: June 16

    ISBN: 9781784880620 (HB - E)

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